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  • brings those seeking legal advice and those who can give it together!

    Here you will find discussion boards designated to topics such as immigrating to the UK, buying your first property, getting injury compensations, writing wills and many others…

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    1. Prepare information about your problem and publish it as a new bid,
    2. Put the price which you wish to pay for your problem to be solved / for the consultation,
    3. A time frame by which you need to solve the problem / receive the consultation.
    4. To bid a price you are ready to pay for the legal advice,  register for free and login first.

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If you are a Lawyer

Bid your price for the UK solicitor’s legal advice

  1. Find and ask the UK solicitor or a lawyer in online.
  2. UK site is dedicated to those of you who bids for a legal advice.
  3. Solicitors and lawyers directories - UK law firms whose solicitors are competent to provide legal advices.
  4. You will find discussion boards designated to such topics as UK immigration, litigation, conveyance, compensations, wills etc.
  5. You can also find the most convenient for you law firms - the search is conducted either by location or by type of law / lawyer you require - family law, employment, immigration solicitors, divorce lawyers (divorce solicitor), criminal solicitors, tax, personal injury solicitors, private property solicitors, corporate and commercial solicitors, litigation solicitors in the UK law firms directories online.

Bid your price you are ready to pay for the UK solicitor ’s legal advice

You need a lawyer. For those seeking a legal advice:

  • If anybody for the reason being does not have enough time to go through each law firm in the neighborhood looking for the best option or does not have enough money to satisfy the solicitor next door - this is the right website for you.
  • This website enables you to 'advertise' yourself - you need to include the following details:
    1. A legal advice you are seeking. Please do not include any information in the inquiry which you or somebody else considers to be confidential. All confidential information will be directly between you (the inquiry 'bid' publisher) and a lawyer when the lawyer will be your (publisher's) representative and has signed the agreement directly.
    2. The price which you wish to pay for your problem to be solved / for the consultation.
    3. Is there a time frame by which you need to solve the problem/receive the consultation?
  • If the solicitor prepares to take up your case - he will contact you directly informing his conditions (e.g. how and when he will be able to help you?)
  • The registration and membership itself is absolutely FREE. You can also participate in the site concerning legal problems and law-related subjects with other members of the public and registered with us solicitors.
  • Bid your price for solicitors' legal advice.

You are a lawyer. For the UK law firms:

On this website we provide you with those who are seeking your advice!
They will describe their problem and provide you with the price they are prepared to pay for your consultation / help.
If you are interested in this particular client contact the client describing the conditions on which you are prepared to solve the client's problem:
  1. What is the time frame?
  2. Will you spend a fixed amount of time? Or will you spend as much time as needed until the resolution to the problem is satisfying to the client?
  3. When will the work be completed?
  4. How are you going to go on about solving the problem?
  5. Do you need to meet the client in person or will you do it online?
  6. Include any description of your company the client might be interested in.
  7. How much experience do you have concerning client's problem?
  8. Does the client need to provide you with further description/details of the problem?
Remember that the price is fixed - you might be able to negotiate it, but the people usually provide you with the price they would like to spend on your service and not the other way round.

You are a lawyer. Are you looking for new clients?

  1. List your company in the directories for people to be able to look you up - it is possible to list yourself both by the location and by the type of services you are providing.
  2. Participate in the forum concerning legal problems and law-related subjects.
  3. The registration and membership is FREE - please register now to see if there are any new interesting opportunities for you!
  4. If you want to list your law firm as featured in the law firms directories, and that it will be advertised on the first page and in all related directories, you can subscribe on a monthly basis or have got an annual subscription.

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